Wynnewood Refining Company
has scheduled a maintenance turnaround to occur this fall. You may already have noticed increased activity around the refinery and new faces throughout the community as we prepare for this multi-phase project.
All of us at Wynnewood Refining Company want to express inadvance our appreciation for your support and patience during this time. The turnaround, which is a periodic shut down of operations, allows for the necessary maintenance and upkeep of operating units and is necessary to maintain safe and efficient operations.
Our turnaround will occur in two phases, with the first phase beginning toward the end of September. The majority of the work will take place this fall and is expected to last approximately six weeks. During this time, we plan to use about 1,600 temporary contract workers, who will be staged in shifts around the clock.
The remainder of the work will be completed in approximately four weeks during the second phase, currently planned for the fall of 2018, and will require about 600 contract workers.
Our community is important to us, and our turnaround helps Wynnewood Refining Company remain a safe and viable operation capable of contributing to community interests and the local economy for years to come.
Should you have any questions regarding the turnaround, please call our Turnaround Feedback Line at
between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Thank you again for your patience and support.
A CVR Refining, LP Company
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PostedSeptember 17, 2017